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Mortgage payment holidays

Supporting you through the coronavirus pandemic

As the coronavirus continues to affect us all, you may be worried about the impact on your finances.

We’re here for you if you have concerns about your money or any accounts you hold with us and our aim is to find solutions that suit your individual needs and circumstances.

The welfare and safety of both our customers and colleagues is the most important thing to us and we’ll continue to make sure you’re supported. We work hard to keep your money safe, so this includes us helping you to be fraud aware.

Understanding mortgage payment holidays (also known as payment deferrals)

Understanding mortgage payment holidays (deferrals)

The deadline to apply for a new payment holiday has now passed. You can extend an existing payment holiday until the 31st July 2021 as long as your request does not go over the six month limit and there are no breaks in the payment holiday.

If you are eligible to extend your current mortgage payment holiday (deferral)

If you are currently on a mortgage payment holiday and want to apply for another, you will have to wait until you have come to the end of your existing payment holiday and have received a letter from us outlining the impact it has had on your mortgage.

Once you’ve received your letter you can apply for a further payment holiday by calling us.

If you can afford to re-start your mortgage payments it’s in your best interests to do so.

You have already had a total of six months of mortgage payment holidays (deferrals)

If you’ve already taken a total of six months of mortgage payment holidays please do not fill in the form for another as it will automatically be declined.

If you’re still worried about meeting your future mortgage payments please call us on the number below as soon as possible, to talk through your options.

0800 952 0615*
9am - 5pm Mon-Fri

If you are coming to the end of your mortgage payment holiday (deferral) and you think you may have difficulty making your next payment, please call us to discuss your options.

0800 952 0615*
9am - 5pm Mon-Fri

Further help and support if you’re struggling

  • The Money Advice Trust can offer guidance on dealing with day to day budgeting and advice on how to manage unsecured debts. Call them on:
    0808 808 4000
  • Money Advice Service Coronavirus Support page Has useful information including information around debt, recovery action plans, redundancy, bereavement and more.




FAQs for ongoing mortgage payment holidays (deferrals)

My mortgage payment holiday (deferral) is ending soon, what should I do?

If you have taken a mortgage payment holiday (deferral), we will send you a letter in the post which will describe all the options available to you.

We will send your letter a month before your payment holiday is due to end, but allowing for any postal delays, we would expect the letter to arrive 15 days before your next payment is due.

To make sure our contact centre colleagues can speak to those who need our help the most, please don’t phone us unless you have not received a letter and your payment holiday is due to end within the next two weeks.

The letter will confirm:

  • Your mortgage payment holiday end date
  • Your new monthly payment and how it has been calculated
  • Your expected mortgage balance at the end of the payment holiday

It will outline what next steps you can take, including what to do if your employment status has changed if you think you might have difficulty making your next payment. It will also tell you what you can do if you feel a payment holiday wasn’t the best option for you and you would like to pay back the missed payments by a different means.

It’s in your best interests to start making mortgage payments again, as soon as you can afford to.

We’ve also listed all the phone numbers you’ll need to make sure you speak to the right person.

What happens about the payments I missed during the mortgage payment holiday (deferral)?

You will still owe the money where a payment holiday (deferral) was been granted and interest will still accrue, so if you are able to make part of your normal mortgage payment to reduce the money you owe or your interest charges then you should consider doing so.

At the end of the payment holiday we will recalculate your monthly payment based on your outstanding mortgage balance and remaining term. It is very likely your payments will increase, particularly if you have a shorter term left on your mortgage.


Other FAQs

Where can I find the latest medical information about coronavirus?

You can find the latest advice from the NHS here and advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) here.

I’m worried about being able to pay for my home insurance due to COVID-19, what can I do?

We are here to help so if you are worried about being able to pay for your Home Insurance due to COVID-19, please get in contact as soon as you can. You can email RSA at or call them on 0330 102 2829. RSA will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the options available to you. Rest assured all conversations are confidential.

If you are unable to do this yourself or would prefer that they discuss your policy with a family member or friend, they need your permission to do this. Please let them know if this is the case.

How can we get in touch?

As the situation is changing very quickly, please check the website in the first instance for the latest updates and if you need to get in touch for urgent support and you’re in arrears, please call 0800 952 0615.

As we are experiencing a larger than normal volume of calls, we ask that you only contact us if your next payment is due within 7 days and you are unable to make it, please allow those who need emergency help to receive it.