Equifax data breach

A few weeks ago, it emerged that the credit reference agency Equifax had suffered a significant cybersecurity breach, which had resulted in the loss of information related to around 143 million mainly US customers.

At the time, the indications were that only a very small amount of UK data had been involved, but Equifax’s subsequent investigation has found that around 15.2 million UK records had been compromised.

Equifax have committed to contacting the 693k people who have been affected by the data breach, and will be offering additional protection, such as ID protection services, where these are appropriate.

The majority of affected records consisted of name and date of birth, with around 56,000 consisting of more substantial information.

It is possible that customers may contact us to ask questions about this. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has published specific guidance for affected Equifax customers here. The NCSC advise people to be vigilant against phishing emails and/or suspicious phone calls.

Equifax have also issued a statement about the incident, here.