We're making some important changes

We're changing the way we look, not the way we look after you Norwich & Peterborough Building Society has been part of the Yorkshire Building Society Group since 2011 and since then your money has been part of a Society with the same mutual values that N&P has always held. Our only focus is to serve members' needs and make your money work hard for you.

Over the last 12 months there’s been a lot of change for N&P customers, and we appreciate that it’s not been easy for everybody. We’re changing N&P Savings Accounts and branches to Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) as part of the next steps to bring all our members together and these are the final changes N&P savings customers will experience. Have a look at the sections below to see how these changes affect you.

N&P branches  - updated June 2018
The N&P brand  - updated June 2018 
The N&P Current Account  - updated August 2017

N&P branches

Over the weekend of 7-8 July all remaining N&P branches will change to YBS branches and agencies, except N&P Ipswich where there is an existing YBS branch.

2018 N&P branch changes
Branch Changes
Boston, Bury St Edmunds, Cathedral Square, Cromer, Diss, Great Yarmouth, Kings Lynn, Lincoln, Lowestoft, St Neots, Swaffham, Wisbech These N&P branches will close on Friday 6 July at 5pm and re-open on Monday 9 July as YBS branches.
Ipswich N&P Ipswich will close permanently on Friday 6 July at 5pm. The nearest YBS location is YBS Ipswich, 60-62 Tavern Street, Ipswich, IP1 3AJ.
St Ives and Louth These N&P branches will close on Friday 6 July at 5pm and re-open on Monday 9 July as YBS agencies. For more information about YBS agencies please visit ybs.co.uk/agencies.
Norwich Castle Mall N&P Castle Mall will close on Friday 6 July and re-open on Monday 9 July as a YBS branch. It will close permanently on Friday 28 September.

Customer mailings
We’re writing to all N&P customers between 6-22 June with new YBS account numbers and full details about what this means for N&P Savings Accounts, Mortgages and Branches as well as how our services are affected over this weekend. Please take the time to read through what these changes will mean for your accounts.

If you need help
If you have any questions or concerns before Friday 6 July, please call us on 0333 414 1172 or visit us in branch. You can speak to one of our team over the phone between 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday, or 9am - 1pm Saturday.

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The N&P brand

What's happening?

Over the weekend of 7-8 July 2018 N&P Savings Accounts and most N&P branches will change to YBS.

N&P Savings Accounts are changing to YBS Savings Accounts


N&P branches are changing to YBS locations, and you'll have access to over 240 branches and agencies in our national network


The way you manage your money will change:

  • You’ll use a YBS ATM card or passbook
  • You’ll have access to online banking for most accounts at ybs.co.uk and can view your account on our mobile site
  • You’ll be able to service your account over the phone.

Why are these changes happening?

  • Our purpose is to help people save for now and the future and helping our customers with financial moments that matter. By operating one brand on the high street, we can focus on our core business, being simply brilliant at savings and mortgages, whilst investing in the ways our customers choose to manage their money with us.
  • These changes will make us more efficient, simplify the way we operate and enable us to deliver better products and services.

What if you want more help or want to go through your options?

From Monday 9 July, after all N&P Savings Accounts have changed to YBS, you can book a savings review in any YBS location, call us on 0345 1200 100 or see what savings accounts are available at ybs.co.uk/savings

When it's happening

6-22 June
We’re writing to all N&P Savings customers with new YBS account numbers and information about downtime, over the weekend of 7-8 July, for ATM machines, our phone services and websites.

Thursday 5 July
This is the last day you can use your N&P ATM card. You'll need to make arrangements for the changeover weekend and up to your new ATM card arriving. You can use your N&P ATM card in any ATM machine up to 11.59pm on Thursday 5 July. Please don't try and use your card after this time as it may be retained by the ATM machine.

Friday 6 July
This is the last day you can transact in an N&P branch. You can withdraw money in any N&P branch up to 5.00pm on Friday 6 July. At 5.00pm all N&P branches will close for the weekend.

Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 July
We’ll be changing N&P branches to YBS locations and our telephone services and websites will be affected. We're sending all N&P customers further details in plenty of time before the changeover.

Monday 9 July
From Monday 9 July you can visit us in any one of over 240 YBS locations and register online at ybs.co.uk/nandp-registration to manage your accounts, either on our website or over the phone.

By Friday 13 July
You'll have received your new YBS ATM card and PIN. Once they've both arrived you can start using your ATM card straight away.

How our services will be affected over the weekend of 7-8 July

To enable us to change N&P Savings Accounts to YBS Savings Accounts there will be some changes to our services, which are:

  • N&P ATM cards will stop working after 11.59pm on Thursday 5 July
  • All N&P branches will close at 5.00pm on Friday 6 July and most will re-open as a YBS branch or agency at 9.00am on Monday 9 July
  • We will be changing nandp.co.uk to a mortgage only website over the weekend of the 7-8 July
  • The last time you will be able to log in to N&P internet banking will be 4.00pm on Friday 6 July
  • The last time you will be able to send us a secure message through N&P online banking is midday on Friday 6 July
  • From Monday 9 July, any savings information you need will be available at ybs.co.uk
  • The N&P Contact Centre will close at 5.00pm on Friday 6 July, so if you need to call us on 0333 414 1172 we'd suggest you call by 4.00pm to ensure we can deal with your enquiry
  • From 8.00am on Monday 9 July you can call the YBS Contact Centre on 0345 1200 100

We know this could cause some inconvenience when wanting to access your money and we have worked hard to minimise this disruption to services, however it is necessary to allow us to complete the changeover to YBS.
To find out more about how you’ll be able to manage your savings account once it changes to a YBS Savings Account please refer to our Customer Guide, all N&P Savings customers will also receive a copy of this guide in the post and there will be additional copies available in branch.

What’s the benefit of changing to Yorkshire Building Society?

We believe operating fewer brands will help us to be more efficient, allowing us to provide better long-term value for all of our customers. By changing to YBS more of our customers will have the same benefits, products and services available to them. These changes will make us more efficient and simplify the way we operate.

What won’t change?

Mutual values
N&P has been part of the Yorkshire Building Society Group since 2011 and we have no external stakeholders to satisfy. When your savings account changes to YBS, you’ll still be part of a Society with the same mutual values that N&P has always held. Our only focus is to serve members’ needs and help to make your money work hard for you.

Savings pledges
We’re committed to looking after you and your savings. YBS has savings pledges just as N&P does, so you can rest assured knowing your savings account is right for you. Go to ybs.co.uk/savingspledges to find out more.

Same great service
Our colleagues are here to help whether that’s over the phone or in one of our YBS locations. When N&P branches change, you’ll be served by many of the same colleagues.

We’re committed to making a lasting positive impact on the society we live in. We do this through our Charitable Foundation that’s made a difference to local communities across the UK by donating over £7million to charities and good causes. Through our partnership with End Youth Homelessness we’ll continue to raise vital funds to help young people live independently.

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The N&P Current Account  

As a building society, our primary purpose is to provide members with a secure place for their savings and support them in buying their own homes.

We believe we can best do this by focusing on our core business of mortgages and savings.

We have now written to all N&P customers giving formal notice that we are closing the N&P current account.

Our priority is to provide the best possible customer experience throughout this closure activity and we have given customers 6 months' notice so they have sufficient time to choose another provider and switch their accounts with the minimum disruption possible. We are also working closely with other banks and building societies to help the switch go smoothly. We appreciate that everyone's circumstances are individual to them and are encouraging customers to get in touch if they feel they need any additional support or advice.

 Many customers have already closed their account and switched to alternative providers. We would like to encourage all our customers to act in sufficient time to switch their income and regular payments to a new current account.

If you would like further information including how to switch or close your current account, please visit our existing customer section.

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Further help

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0333 414 1115 or talk to us in branch.

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